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About Us

Welcome to MQFoods Company with Headquarters in Athens, Greece, a group of specialists with more than 15 years of experience in the international trade of foodstuff commodities.

We represent, sell and promote our principals' products all around the globe, as well as report and advise them regularly on the prevailing conditions in any given market.

Service Area

Our extended customers' database combined with our expertise in the Greek agricultural production and quality certification, indicate our organization as the ideal business partner for each and every Greek supplier of agricultural and not only, foodstuff commodities. In other words, MQFoods is the gateway for exporting Greek foodstuff products in any continent around the world.

We deal with the most important and reliable companies in Greece, and obtain up to date information of prices, quality issues and products available for export. We can quote immediately all the available products. Do not hesitate to contact us. Upon request, we will revert to you ASAP with the best and convenient proposal.


Some of the products we can offer include:

Olive oil and Olives:
(a) Virgin & Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
(b) Olives,
(c) Olive paste

(a) Feta Cheese

Tomato Products:
(a) Tomato Paste in aseptic packaging and metal cans,
(b) Tomato Dices, Crushed Tomato, Tomato Juice

Fruit Products:
(a) Fruit puree (concentrated and in natural brix) in aseptic drums and tanks,
(b) Fruit dices, halves and slices

Traditional Greek Products:
(a) Barley/ Wheat/ Rye Rusks,
(b) Herbs / Herb plants,
(c) Honey,
(d) Raisins